If you are driving to the airport you may decide to book a space at the airport car park or one of the alternatives close by. Before you do though, just compare the cost of parking your car for two weeks and all that goes with it, compared to airport transfers by taxi or minibus for a stress-free start to your holiday or business travel.

See our airport travel comparison at the bottom of this page.

For Gatwick in July, it will cost you between £96 and £135 to park for two weeks. Then add your petrol costs for both journeys and finally consider the driving. No matter how experienced a driver you are it’s still a stressful way to begin your holiday when compared to being driven.

Minibus to Heathrow

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s Heathrow airport, Luton airport, Gatwick or Stansted, the benefits of travelling together with no-one having to drive is a great way to start your holiday. The £162 saving means more money to spend on holiday and, you get to the airport relaxed and looking forward to your flight.

Finally, there’s the security. While all reputable airport car parks have security and insurance would you really want the hassle of making a claim should your car be damaged; and what if you didn’t spot the damage straight away. You then have the task of proving it happened while in the car park.

Travel Comparison

Let’s look at a typical group travel example of 8 people travelling by car :
If you are travelling from the Hearts, Beds and Bucks area you will probably spend £45 per car on petrol and spend the first two hours of your holiday behind the wheel. You’ll also need three average to large size cars if you are taking normal luggage.

Luton to Gatwick by Car
Party of Eight
2 hour drive each way
Average parking cost £112 x 3
Fuel £42 x 3
Total cost £462
Luton to Gatwick by Minibus
Party of Eight

No driving
No stress
All travel together
Total cost £300

Result £462 – £300 = Saving of 162

Many people overlook some of the less obvious considerations when travelling to the airport, like wear and tear on your car which also adds to the extra costs or the mileage added.

There are so many potential problems that melt away when you chose to be driven to the airport by one of our custom built minibuses. A taxi is obviously an option but if there are more than three adults with luggage you will probably need two cars or a people carrier.

We regularly take people to all the major airports and would be happy to help get your holiday off to a relaxed start so call us for airport transfers and pickups.



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